SBN Program Reviews

The SBN Program is monitored by Fermilab by way of Director's Progress Reviews; these are organized by Fermilab's Office of Project Support Services (OPSS). The SBN Program monitors itself by way of two types of internally organized reviews : Independent Technical Assessments and Internal Readiness Reviews.

Internal Readiness Reviews focus on specific sub-systems, and assess the readiness of the sub-system to progress to a next phase, such as from final design to fabrication, or to assess readiness for installation. Internal Readiness Reviews are organized by the Technical Coordinators for the subsystems which are under their management. Readiness Reviews tend to be in phase with a sub-system's schedule, for example held at a time consistent with a schedule milestone such as “Final Design Complete”.

Independent Technical Assessments can have a broader scope than an Internal review, and are not necessarily in phase with schedule milestones, although with the right circumstances an Independent Technical Assessment and an Internal Readiness Review can be combined. The Technical Assessments, as the name implies, examine the progress of technical systems and their continuing ability to meet the requirements of the SBN Program. The Technical Assessments can be used to examine the resources needed to meet technical goals. The Technical Assessments are organized by the SBN Program Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator.

Unlike the CD-process reviews utilized for DOE 413 Projects, the allocation of SBN Program funding is not contingent on the outcome of any of the types of review described above.

Most of the review pages linked below require a password; contact the Program Office for access.

Director's Reviews

Independent Technical Assessments

Internal Readiness Reviews