The SBN Institutional Board (IB) is an internal body to the SBN organization. Representatives from each institution partipating in SBN are members of the Board.

The SBN IB provides a forum for program-wide communication on issues relevant to the SBN program. Procedures and policies covering joint aspects of operation, data sharing, data analysis, publications, presentations, etc., can be brought to this body for deliberation or developed from within the IB. Agreements developed within the SBN IB return to the individual SBN detector collaboration for final ratification.

The current elected chairperson of the SBN IB is Marco Pallavicini. The deputy chairs are Elizabeth Worcester and Laura Patrizii. 


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Next SBN IB Meeting

April 16, 2024 -  5:00pm - 6:30pm CET

Future proposed dates: June 7, September 5, December 5

Past SBN IB Meeting Summaries