SBN Oversight Board

The SBN Oversight Board is internal to SBN and will provide a key forum for cross-collaboration communication or MoU development on issues relevant to construction, commissioning, operations, data management, and analysis.

The SBN Oversight Board membership is intended to provide good representation of the SBN stakeholders while maintaining a manageable size for the Board. The group consists of the ICARUS and SBND spokespersons (or their alternates) as well as additional SBN collaborators selected to provide good representation of the international groups making major contributions to the ICARUS and SBND detectors, initially including the groups from Italy-INFN, the US-DOE and NSF, UK-STFC, Swiss NSF, and CERN. The Chair of the board is the head of Fermilab Neutrino Division.

Oversight Board Members

  • S. Bertolucci (INFN, Italy)
  • A. Ereditato (Switzerland)
  • A. Fava (ICARUS Deputy Spokesperson)
  • M. Nessi (CERN)
  • C. Rubbia (ICARUS Spokesperson)
  • M. Shaevitz (US NSF)
  • S. Brice (Chair)
  • J. Evans (UK)
  • A. Guglielmi (ICARUS Deputy Spokesperson)
  • O. Palamara (SBND Co-spokesperson)
  • D. Schmitz (SBND Co-spokesperson)
  • R. Wilson (US DOE)


SBN Organization Documents

Past SBN Meetings

Agenda, Presentations, and Minutes of SBN Board Meetings Indico Site

Future SBN Meetings

  • 9:00-11:00AM (FNAL time) Friday 9 June 2023
  • 9:00-11:00AM (FNAL time) Friday 8 September 2023