SBN Program Reviews

The SBN Program is monitored by Fermilab by way of Director's Progress Reviews. These are held once or twice per year, and have sometimes focused on just one of the two detectors. Director's Progress Reviews typically examine overall budget and schedule planning, in addition to high-level technical topics.

The SBN Program monitors itself by way of internally organized reviews, which may be titled as a readiness review or as a technical assessment. Internal reviews focus on specific sub-systems, and assess the readiness of the sub-system to progress to a next phase, such as from final design to fabrication, or to examine the resources needed to meet technical goals. Internal Reviews are generally organized by the Technical Coordinators for the subsystems which are under their management, but can also be requested by the SBN Program Coordinator.

Reviews held since 2016 are gathered at the link below -

Reviews prior to 2016 are linked below -