SBN Far Detector Installation

Installation Planning

At Fermilab the safe execution of work is paramount. Installation of any major detector is a complex process, comprising many sub-tasks and coordination among them. Certain sub-tasks require specific technical support, and many will also require hazard assessment. The development of a work plan, well in advance of execution of a sub-task, is key to understanding both the hazards and necessary levels of support; a well developed work plan also assures that sub-tasks proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Installation Coordinator, the Floor Manager, and the Safety Officer all have responsibilities to ensure that work occurs in a safe and effective manner. All work taking place in and around the SBN-FD Building must be authorized by one or more of these persons.

The FD Installation Coordinator is Aria Soha. The FD Installation Floor Manager is Kelly Hardin. The Neutrino Safety Officer is Angela Aparicio. The FD Technical Coordinator is Claudio Montenari. The SBN-FD Building Manager is Brian Johnson.

The Neutrino Division has developed guidelines to help employees, visitors and contractors understand the basic requirements to perform work at the SBN-FD site. These requirements include the possession of a valid Fermilab ID badge, the minimal training needed to obtain an ID, along with SBN Far Detector Building Hazard Awareness Training. Additional training may be required for specific work plans.

The planning process begins with the creation of a Work Request, which is an electronic form contained in the eLog. Specific instructions for the Work Request are here. Each Work Request has an identified Job Coordinator as the point-of-contact. Some requests will be simple, and others more complex; in general, all work requests need to provide a procedure, outlining the expected steps. The Installation Coordinator determines which requests require additional documentation, such as engineering Notes, Hazard Analysis, or lifting plan. Complex procedures may require a presentation and opportunity for others to assist in developing the work plan.

All work requests must be approved before execution. Work plan approvers include the Installation Coordinator and the Technical Coordinator, as well as others.

Installation Status

Working Schedule

The Working Schedule is updated at least weekly. Work Plans for future activities are detailed during the Installation Planning process; those which are listed but not scheduled are still in the planning phase. Activities which are known to be necessary, but are not listed on the Working Schedule, should be brought to the attention of the Installation Coordinator.

Electronic Logbook

The eLog records the progress of installation work, on a near daily basis. Viewing is public. Making new entries, including the creation of a Work Request, requires logging in via your Services account.


Many collaborators expect to participate in portions of the installation. Collaborators who wish to work on a specific sub-task should make themselves known to that task's Job Coordinator; you can find who this is by searching the Work Requests in the eLog. Participants should check the Working Schedule frequently, so they understand the time frame when their sub-tasks are likely to occur. Last, but not least, participants are responsible for keeping their ID badge and training current, and for ensuring that their training meets the requirements of the task.