SBN Collaborators Visiting Fermilab

This page is help new ICARUS and SBND collaborators get started

Step One

  • Make sure the PI of your institution has sent an email to the spokespeople letting them know that you are joining the collaboration. The spokespeople will need to approve your computer accounts. If you don't know who your PI is, consult either the ICARUS collaboration page or the SBND collaboration page. Look for the tag "(IB)" next to the person's name

Current state of the Fermilab site

Fermilab continues to be under a maximum telework order from the DOE. Only people who are essential personnel (e.g. who need to come on-site for work that cannot be done from home) are allowed on-site. Please contact Peter Wilson to get added to the Fermilab essential personnel list. Please contact Sam Zeller for a day pass if you have an important need to get on-site for a day.

Fermilab ID, Computing Accounts and Required Training

Important: Fermilab ID badge and computer account renewals (and new requests) should be submitted at least 4 weeks before the expiration date (before you need it) in order to be processed on time. The more time the better. Please plan ahead.
  • Get Connected includes direct links to Global Services, Badging Office, Housing Office, Users Office and Visa Office
  • Instructions to onsite and remote access to Fermilab
  • Renewing your FNAL ID badge and computer account (if you already have one)
  • Getting a new FNAL ID badge and computer account (if you don't already have one)
    • Request a new Fermilab ID and computer account
    • When following the first steps, one is considered an:
      • "Employee" if you are hired by Fermilab
      • "On-Site Visitor" if you are hired by your institution but are staying at the Fermilab site to perform research.
      • "Off-Site Visitor" if you are hired by your institution and performing research with Fermilab, but are staying at your home institution
    • Other notes about filling out these forms
      • Affiliation is either
        • for the Far Detector, E-1052 ICARUS, under Experiments-Approved
        • for the Near Detector, T-1053 SBND, under Experiments-Test Beam
      • Point of contact - please select the IB repesentative for your institution.
      • NEW 2021: Please answer "no" to the question "will you be coming on-site to Fermilab?" unless you have approval from Peter Wilson to get added to the lab's essential personnel list. Once the lab re-opens more broadly, site access (for example to work from an office in Wilson Hall) will be revisited
      • NEW 2021: Please also note that you need to complete on-boarding steps in FermiWorks before your access request can be processed. If you need help with this step, there are detailed instructions and a video demo here (see step 2). If your account renewal is taking too long, it is likely because you have not completed this step.
  • Training: When you receive your Fermilab ID number and computing account, please send your ID number and computing user-name to the SBN Experiment Operations Liasons (ELO), ELOs will set up the list of required training (called an ITNA), which is based on the experiment area you entered as your affiliation (ICARUS or SBND). The required training includes classes needed to gain access to the SBN buildings. Once the ITNA is set up, you will receive emails containing links for taking the online training and accompanying online tests. All these online trainings can be done before you arrive at Fermilab.

  • Request an ICARUS or SBND computer account

If you are not a U.S. citizen

NEW 2021: the visa process is currently more complicated than outlined below. More information can be obtained from Peter Wilson during the process of being added to the essential personnel list.

See the Fermilab Global Services page on Business Visits to Fermilab, which holds basic information on the overall process and holds links to the relevant State Department sites. If you hold a passport from countries in the European Union and some others (such as Austrailia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea) then you may qualify for the Visa Waiver Program and ESTA. If not then you must apply for a visa; Fermilab Global Services has a detailed page describing the steps to obtain a U.S. visa.

All of these steps take time. If are visiting for several weeks or more and need an invitation letter from Fermilab, then it takes about a week for the SBN Program Office to obtain the letter. You may need to also obtain letters from your home institution. Even when you qualify for the Visa Waiver Program, if you are applying for ESTA for the first time, then the application may take a couple of weeks. Applying for a visa may take a couple of months. Plan ahead!