SBN Program Office

The SBN Program Office provides coordination among all stakeholders - collaborations, laboratories, and funding institutions - and administers the budgets for the DOE-funded portions of the program. The SBN Program Office also provides infrastructure support for the SBND and T600 detectors, including the two new buildings constructed on the Fermilab site. There are two phases of the SBN Program. Phase 1 is the construction and installation of the Near and Far detectors, and is completed for each detector when it is ready to fill with liquid argon. Phase 2 is the filling, commissioning and data-taking operation of the detectors. The overall timeline has the Far Detector completing its installation first, and operated in its Phase 2 while the Near Detector completes its Phase 1 installation.


The SBN Program is a Department within the Fermilab Neutrino Division. The SBN Program Department offices are located in Wilson Hall, 13-N-Crossover.


  • Program Coordinator : Peter Wilson
  • Program Deputy Coordinator : Catherine James
  • Program Administrative Support : Etta Johnson

SBN Program Organization

The SBN Program utilizes a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) shown below to manage the Phase 1 construction, installation and infrastructure activities for the Short Baseline Near Detector and the T-600 Far Detector. The WBS managers at level 1 are designated as Technical Coordinators.

Program Management

Program Coordinator & Deputy Coordinator


Technical Coordinator
Anne Schukraft - Fermilab

WA104 at CERN

Technical Coordinator
Claudio Montanari - CERN


Technical Coordinator
Catherine James - Fermilab

Program Management

Additional information is available at the menu links. Collaborators should read the SBN Visitors Information page before their first visit to Fermilab. The SBN Calendar provides a quick view of the various regularly scheduled meetings - if you are looking for someone, they might be in a meeting! SBN managers have access to manpower and purchasing information on the Financial Reports page, for the DOE-funded portions of the program.

SBND Construction

The Near Detector SBND design and construction involves all of its collaborators, with contributions from U.K. institutions on the TPC detector, from Bern University, Switzerland on the cosmic tagger system, and contributions from many U.S. institutions on all detector components. The SBND Construction Project link in the menu connects to the site covering these activities.

WA104 at CERN

The SBN Far Detector is the ICARUS T600, previously operated at Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy. The detector was moved to CERN in 2015 for refurbishment. The refurbishment project is called WA104 by CERN - WA for West Area, the location at CERN where the activities take place. WA104 is completed when the T600 and all of its components arrive at Fermilab. Further activities to set up the T600 at Fermilab are under WBS 4.


The Infrastructure WBS contains sub-WBS for: the construction of two new buildings; the cryogenics for both detectors; the installation of the T600 at Fermilab; the Far Detector cosmic tagger system; and online systems common to both detectors. The Civil Construction Status link in the left menu connects to photo galleries of the two new buildings during their construction. The Far Detector Installation link in the left menu connects to the site for this activity.