SBN Far Detector Installation


Anyone working in SBN-FD will need:

  • SBN-fd Hazard Awareness: Individuals performing work in the SBN-FD Building must complete this online training: Class Page
  • New Employee/User Orientation Training: This training should have been completed in order to obtain a Fermilab ID badge. Follow the instructions here to take the training on line.

Working with a Radiation Source?

You will need Source Training: Anyone who needs to work with Radioactive sources (possibly for testing/calibration purposes) will need Radioactive Source Training Class Page. Radworker is a prerequisite for this training. This training is online.

  • Other training may be needed, depending on your task.

How to Obtain Training

Your supervisor should complete and Individual Training Needs Assesment for you (ITNA) here.

Some training can be completed online. Other training classes can be scheduled by going to the web site
(on-site access only): 

If you have questions or need help contact the SBN Training Officer.

To Complete Online Training

  1. Experimenters should log into their Individual Training Plan by clicking on this link.

  2. Once navigated to a page which is titled
    Individual Training Plans
    Experimenters should enter their Fermi ID number in the field indicated.

  3. Experimenters should then see a table  similar  to the one below:
    Course Code Course Title Complete
    Due Date Status Class Code
    FN000034 / CR New Employee/User ESH&Q Orientation
    07/01/2014 New Requirement  
    PDMC1001 / CB SBN Far Detector Hazard Awareness Training
    07/01/2014 New Requirement  

  4. For each class click on the link in the Course Code column.
    1. Read the Reference Materials
    2. If the text:
      An Online Version of the Test is Available for this Course
      appears, follow the button below it to Go to Online Test.